Internal Quality Assurance Cell ( IQAC)


 The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Susil Kar college was established on 17/02/2007 as per the NAAC guidelines (after the institution got its first NAAC accreditation with a B Grade in 2006) with a view to spearhead the quality maintenance and enhancement initiatives of the college. Over the years IQAC has functioned as an assembly for innovative and decisive reflection on the institution’s academic and administrative efficacy, and is driven by a spirit of uninterrupted improvement and outcome-based action.



26TH, 27TH, 28TH September 2013.

 Accreditation certificate for the second cycle obtained in October 2013.

Grade obtained:  B

IQAC (2014-2019)

IQAC Formation Date: 25th march 2014.

The body of the IQAC is formed in the governing body’s meeting held on the above date. The body consists of the following members:-

Chairman: Dr. Manas Kumar Adhikari, Principal

Coordinator: Prof. Tapas Sarkar,   Associate professor in economics and bursar

Administrative member: Nominee from local body

 Teacher members:

Prof. Rupa Chattopadhyay, Associate professor in Bengali

Prof.  Sunanda Halder, Associate professor in Bengali

Prof. Amit Basak, Assistant professor in Commerce

Prof. Tusher Baran Halder, Assistant professor in History.

Prof. Basab Kumar Sil, Assistant professor in Commerce.

Prof. Dipali Mondal, Assistant professor in History.

Prof. Amit Tribedi, Assistant professor in Physics

Prof. Sudeshna Chakraborty, Assistant professor in English

Prof. Purbita Bose, Assistant professor in Education.

Prof. Subrata Naiya, Assistant professor in Chemistry.

External Member:

 Shyamal Mondal, MLA

 Avijit Roy, Govt. nominated GB member and Jt. Secretory of Alumni.

 Palash Mondal, University nominated GB member.

 Prokash Ch. Mondal, member of Zilla Parishad.

 General Secretary of Students’ Union.

First meeting of IQAC: July /Aug 2014


  Plan of action is discussed. Perspective as well as yearly plans are considered. Plans are as below:

a) The grant received from UGC for IQAC is reported.

b) To introduce new course / subjects.

c) Plan and estimate of ladies hostel are to be finalized.

d) To accelerate the process of construction of new building and campus.

e) A language lab is proposed to launch.

f) Regular publication of a journal based on talks of teachers delivered in the journal club.

g) To open an e-corner in the library.

Misc :  Proposal for secretarial and technical jobs of IQAC by Sri Akhil Mondal and Sri Bikramjit Majumder on the basis of given fund.


Second meeting of IQAC:

Date: 13-3-2015

Venue: Principal’s room

Time:  2:30PM


a) AQAR of 2013-14 and 2014-15 to be prepared.

b) New programs like Sanskrit (Hons) and Education (Hons) to be introduced.

c) Proposal of introducing career counseling courses.

d) Language Library in English to be implemented.