Assistant Professor

H.O.D. & Assistant Professor (Stage 2), Department of Physics
Guest faculty, RKM Residential College, Narendrapur

+919748945022,   Secured Letter icon   amittribedi@gmail.com   

Research interests:

Foundations of QM, Quantum Spin Systems, Quantum Information Theory, Open Quantum Systems


1. I. Bose and A. Tribedi, Phys. Rev. A 72 022314 (2005).

2. A .Tribedi and I. Bose, Phys. Rev. A 74 012314 (2006).

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6. Book chapter titled Signatures of Quantum Phase Transitions via Quantum Information Theoretic Measures in the book  Quantum Quenching, Annealing and Computation Lecture Notes in Physics , Volume 802, 2010, Pages 177-200, Springer-Verlag.

7. A. Tribedi J. Sci. Res. Phys. Math. Sci. Vol. 2 Issue (2) (2015) ISSN: 2349-7149

8. A. Tribedi, J.  Sci. Res.  Phys. Math. Sci. Vol. 4 Issue (1) (2017) ISSN: 2349-7149

9. Amit Tribedi (2017) , Molecular Physics, 115:17-18, 2145-2153, DOI: 10.1080/00268976.2017.1310327

Book chapter titled AFM Möbius wheels: A Novel Frustrated Quantum System in the Proceedings of Conference on CONDENSED MATTER PHYSICS, 2019, Pages 08-14, Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, Belur Math, Howrah- ISBN : 978-81-940096-3-4.

11. A Comparative Study of Quantum Correlation Measures in an AF Critical Spin System with Next-Nearest-Neighbour InteractionAmit Tribedi, IJIRMPS Volume 10, Issue 6, November-December 2022.

12. Pairwise Entanglement in the Thermal State of a linear 4-spin Plaquette with Exchange Inhomogeneity, IJCRT , Volume 10, Issue 12 December 2022. 
13. Behaviour of Quantum Entanglement and Discord in the Ground and Thermal State of An ‘Engineerable’ Molecular Magnet, Pramana Research Journal, Volume 12, Issue XI, 2022.

14. Changing Entanglement Structures In A Frustrated Tetrameric Spin System With An ‘entanglement Transition’ Point,  Journal of Basic Sciences, Volume 22 Issue 12, 2022.

Other Publications:

1.  Monotone BrriShtir Gaan (2013)Sristisukh Prakashani  (anthology)
2. Article titled “The Borromean Symbol: From Ancient Trinitarianism to Modern Science” ,
     Sarvodaya : A Journal of Human Development , Vol. I Issue I, 2015, ISSN no 2395-2695.

publication description

Paper Presentations:

1.  Spin-1/2 Heisenberg ladder: Variation of entanglement and fidelity measures close to quantum critical points presented in an International Conference Emergence of New States of Matter in Magnetic Systems and Beyond in   ICTP, Trieste, Italy   on   5 to 9 July, 2010.



2. Quantum Correlations in Molecular Magnets presented in an International Conference   Molecular Quantum Mechanics Congress   held in Lugano, Switzerland on   June 2-7, 2013  .  


 3. Quantum Correlations in a Critical Spin System with NNN Interactions presented in an International Conference Quantum Correlations beyond Entanglement in Bad Honnef, Germany on 13 -15 April, 2015.


4. Quantum Correlations in Molecular Trimers and Wheels presented in an International Conference Molecular Quantum Mechanics Congress in Uppsala, Sweden on 27th June- 1st July, 2016.

5. Behaviour and survival of 'Quantum-ness' in realizable frustrated Möbius wheels presented in Quantum Technology International Conference 2018 in Paris, France on 5th September- 7th September, 2018.

6. AFM 
Möbius wheels: A Novel Frustrated Quantum System presented in a One-day International Conference on Condensed Matter Physics in Ramkrishna Mission Vidyamandira on 22nd February, 2019.
A Comparative Study of Quantum Correlation Measures in an AF Critical Spin System with Next-Nearest-Neighbor Interactions presented in IEMPHYS-21 - International Conference on Advanced Physics on 2nd April,2021.



Research Projects:


Participation in Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Outreach Programmes, Discussions etc without paper presentation:

1. Participated in a UGC-CPE funded One-day State Lavel Seminar on "Recent Trends in Physics: Research & Education", Department of Physics, Barrackpore Rashtraguru Surendranath College, 8th December, 2017
2. Participated in a Discussion & Interactive Session on CBCS, Behala College, 2nd May, 2018
3. Participated in a One-day Workshop on CBCS-Physics Syllabus, Department of Physics, Bangabasi College, Kolkata, 7th May, 2018.
4. Organized a One-day Outreach Programme commemmorating the 125th Birth Anniversary (BOSE125) of Professor S. N. Bose in Sushil Kar College on 20th December, 2018 jointly with Dr Raju Dutta from Department of Mathematics, Sushil Kar College in collacoration with SNBNCBS, Kolkata.

5. Organized a One-day National Webinar on "Harnessing Quantum Weirdness: Towards New-Age Technologies" jointly with the Central Library of  Sushil Kar College on 26th September 2020.

Orientation Program (OP), Refresher Course (RC), Short Term Courses (STC) Attended:

1. 44th Orientation Programme, UGC-Academic Staff College, Jadavpur University (11.02.2013 - 11.03.2013)
2. Refresher Course in Physics, UGC-Academic Staff College, University of North Bengal, (11th February - 3rd March, 2014)
3. Refresher Course in Basic Science, Human Resource Development Centre & Regional Centre for Capacity Building, Sambalpur University (6th March - 26th March, 2018).

4. Refresher Course in Physical Sciences and Nano Sciences, Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), Jawaharlal Nehru  University (10th January - 22nd January, 2022).

Invited Talks: 

1.  Invited talk titled "Quantum Weirdness" at the Department of Physics, Jogesh Chandra Chaudhuri College, Kolkata (2015) 


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